The basis of planting and growing agricultural produce remains adequate and regular watering. Water is an essential part of life. On the other side, it can create a disrupted and lifeless plant. This propels the need for proper irrigation.

Irrigation remains an undermining feature of agricultural produce, and it is the use of controlled watering to nurture plants. Irrigation channels are the methods of watering a flower bed or an agricultural land, and the most common form of irrigation is the sprinkler method. This method is a form of spraying water like rain drops on the plants. It is the most ideal for vegetative crops. They only water the plants with the exact amount of water needed-little.

Meanwhile, surface irrigation is also the spread of water through a form of gravity flow. Water passes through channels and gated pipes to the plants and it is most suitable for flat land slopes.

Asides watering and agricultural produce; irrigation systems help to distribute water to a given area. It helps to get rid of sewage and is used in livestock farming.

Let’s talk about ACS….

Worried about irrigation issues? From sprinkler repairer, to French drains and sprinkler maintenance, we’ve got your back. In addition to this, we provide water filtration systems installation. We understand that your health is paramount and we put that first. Our well-equipped team, is fully poised to help your plumbing issues all year long. Servicing and maintenance is not beyond our expertise, and we are ever ready to help.

What more can we do?

We provide an all year assurance of your nozzles, sprinklers, and pipes. Watering your lawns and plants can never be a bad idea. Are you experiencing blockages, flooding or clogged drainage? Our services come in very handy. ACS Irrigation is open 24 hours, 7 days, making it easier to solve all emergencies, provided you pull a call through our call care lines.

Is there still more?

Yes, there is. Irrigation channels are very essential in agriculture as it helps to maintain landscapes. More so, it distributes water evenly, and reduces the effect of inadequate rainfall. And we as a team, help to establish pipes, nozzles, irrigation valves, water filtration systems and every other essentials for your irrigation, plumbing and drainage plans. Not only for your lawns, and we are willing to take you through a step by step guide for maintenance and usage.

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