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We just don’t repair sprinklers we optimize your sprinkler system with less sprinklers increasing pressure improving reach & water coverage, significantly lowering your cost.

Here at ACS-Irrigation we make the visit count by completing a full sprinkler system evaluation brining everything to your attention to finally put an end to ongoing sprinkler repairs.

OUR GUARANTEE Covers all sprinkler repair cost for up to ONE YEAR with ongoing 50% off after the ONE year on any future repairs.

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.ACS  took the time to work on a better price that I felt was very reasonable. Great customer service and they also offer a new customer discount. The repairmen that came out were very kind and took the time to do the job right. 1 year warranty as well, I’ll make sure to use them and recommend them to anyone in the future!



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They were professional and on time. Cost is very reasonable. I’m very satisfied with the work ACS did for me


ACS Irrigation Sprinkler Repairs

In order to make your sprinkler repair last the test of time, it must be installed with flex pipe, flush with the ground and appropriately position away from high traffic areas. Our ACS-Irrigation® and Sprinklers well make this happen. 

  • Sprinkler Repairs – Unclogging Repairing or Replacing On Flex Swing Pipes

  • Nozzles – Unclogged, adjusted or replaced

  • Sprinkler Line Leaks – Repaired, Reroute Irrigation Sprinkler Lines

  • Old Sprinkler Restoring – Going Green Restoring and Reusing 

  • High Water Bills  – Discover Reasons For High Water Bills

  • Troubleshoot Irrigation Wiring – Discover problems 

  • Test Soil/Rain Sensors – Test, Repair or Install New Sensors

  • Re-Piping – Restore Irrigation Sprinkler-System Re-Piping If Needed

  • Irrigation Sprinkler Wifi Controller – Setup/Repair or Install New Irrigation Controller

Best Sprinkler Repairs in Tampa and Lakeland Florida with two location near me.

ACS-Irrigation® Sprinkler Repairs – You Tube Channel

The Best Florida Professionals with the Best Tools for the Best Customers

Only those who truly value beauty and gracefulness will understand the importance of keeping a lawn pristine. Those select few can also appreciate the work of sprinklers, an irrigation system designed to reduce the hard-grafting work of maintaining your lawn. That’s why it can be such a nightmare when you notice a simple fault in your sprinkler system. For the people of Tampa Bay, that issue is no more, in fact, that problem can be a blessing in disguise. How? Because, now one of the best teams of specialist technicians when it comes to sprinkler systems have brought their services to your vicinity.

Indeed, this presents a chance for you not only to have your irrigation system fixed, but to have foremost technicians analyze your lawn and determine the best pattern to set your sprinklers to realize the full effectiveness of the sprinkler system. Also, in case of emergencies, missed maintenance periods, or corrections during installation, there can be no better opportunity to rectify these issues.

Obviously, when it comes to sprinkler problems which can range from your sprinkler head getting clogged to leaks along the water lines, you know there are many risks with ignoring the problem. Risks that can be as recoverable as water loss or waste of resources and time to irrecoverable ones like destroying your landscape. Of course, doing it yourself might not be worth the risk as well, we prefer to take up the burden of rectifying the problem while giving you the space and time to do more productive things. It is important to know, that while the guaranteed years can be as many as a century, and we hope they last that long, even the best of equipment can encounter situations outside the design conditions. That’s where we come in.

By means of an army of experienced technicians, we can easily fix the problems that have the potential of causing serious damage, and quicker too. By calling us, you ensure that whatever malfunction your sprinkler faces has the chance to be completed in record time. By evaluating the irrigation systems using systematic procedures, we can determine the root of whatever problem your sprinkler system is facing. After this, an expert technician, proficient in repair will utilize the gathered information and rectify the situation to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the sprinkler and ensure that such a problem does not occur again.

ACS irrigation, you’re assured that every call you place to us has solved whatever problem you’re placing to us, and with no service call fees, so you’re sure we’re eager to work for your satisfaction. The members of our staff are insured and licensed professionals with at least two decades of individual experience in repairs, installations and updates of irrigation systems on both business-related and residential properties across Tampa Bay.

Our sprinkler repair team is proud to be one of the leading irrigation system companies in Florida and humbled by the privilege of providing Tampa Bay area folks with resolutions to their irrigation problems and needs. Whatever problem or malfunction your sprinkler presents, we will detect and resolve the issue to guarantee your sprinkler system can work at its best level of competence for years to come.

What to expect from ACS-Irrigation®?

As Florida’s #1 service care company, ACS-Irrigation® is known for great expert services with remarkable customer services. And now, we’re kicking it up a notch by expanding our expertise to central Florida closer to your area. Our ongoing maintenance services our warranted sprinkler repair service will help you reduce cost, conserve water and keep your lawn looking awesome all year round.

  1. First and foremost we will identify your immediate problem. You contacted us for that reason, but on top of that we will make recommendations that will eliminate further lawn sprinkler future problems, bypassing the problem, or modifying the system to avoid this from happening again if possible.
  2. Once your immediate repair problem has been identified we will give you repair options with an upfront cost, no obligation to move forward everything transparent.
  3. Our standard protocol is to go through your lawn sprinkler system after your immediate system problem has been fixed. The lawn sprinkler system evaluation is at no extra cost this is part of the service call. Our technicians will go through the entire lawn sprinkler system checking off their list as they inspect every vital component of the lawn sprinkler system.
  4. We always find other money consuming problems, pop up and rotary leaks, lawn sprinkler valves not closing up all the way, lawn sprinkler controller misadjusted with multiple start up times, to many sprinkler on one zone over spending on water, the list keeps going….
  5. It’s vitally important that you get a trained technician with an effective lawn sprinkler system checklist to ensure everything is being considered during the evaluation.
  6. Ultimately with our lawn sprinkler system evaluation you will get everything inspected. Sprinkler heads, valves leaks, timer errors, drip line leaks, backflow repairs. All major brands are serviced Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit, and Weathermatic. Make the best choice  
Common Lawn Sprinkler Repairs?

A very good looking green lawn is the pride on any home-owner. But all these automatic lawn sprinklers require maintenance and repairs on different occasions. Sprinkler problem happens, but most damages can be fixed easily without the help of any handyman. Some of the damages include; damaged sprinkler head, clogged dirt or debris in the sprinkler system.

Here are some of the damages that can happen to a lawn sprinkler with the repairs;  

Broken sprinkler head: many new sprinkler heads are automatic, they pop up on when the system is turned on and rotates when they are turned off. Replacing sprinkle head is very easy to do; all you need to do is unscrew the head of the old one and screw in a new replacement. It is advised that new sprinkler should be the exact model of the old one, to make sure of this you can take the old one to the store.

Clogged sprinkler head: cutting from your lawnmower often run into your sprinkler system eventually blocking the sprinkler system. Clogged sprinkler system are easy to notice; the spray will become uneven. To repair this make sure to turn off the system before you remove the sprinkler head, use a stiff wire to clean the hole. For a head that is very dirty, unscrew the head, clean the wire and flush with running water.

Stuck valve: when you have a valve that is stuck, your sprinkler will continue running even when they are suppose to shut off. The sprinkler system is always known to have 2 valves – one at each end of the sprinkler system. For this problem, check the two valves. Most times, built up debris is blocking the valve from closing and shutting off the water flow. To solve this problem, you will need to turn off the water supply, remove the valve top and remove the debris manually.

Sprinkler head too high: most damages occur due to the sprinkler head sitting too high above the ground. This is the most reason to why sprinkler heads break. To solve this you have to lower the head deeper into the ground, remove the layer of grass and soil around it carefully.

Be careful not to put it too low into the ground level so as to avoid other hazards like lawnmower blades and the clogging of grass debris and dirt in the sprinkler head.

Common Sprinkler System Problems

We’ve successfully repaired all imaginable sprinkler repair issues. Over time, we’ve noticed a common sprinkler problems. Below is a list of all the common issues or problems we come up with on a daily basis; 

Sprinkler Wire Issues

Wiring from the valve manifold to the lawn sprinkler controller has to be making contact at all times for it to work. One wire cut will bring down your entire lawn sprinkler system. This problem arises when people are digging or working near the valve manifold or lawn sprinkler controller. If your system is not activating any zones this could be one clear sign your wiring was disrupted. Your wiring is connected to each valve in the ground with one common wire “typically white is your common wire”. The different colors go to each valve individually. It’s a complex issue if you don’t know what you are doing. Well be happy to help you over the phone.

Sprinkler Timer Controller

Sprinkler timer controllers people call them by all kinds of names. They come in many shapes and sizes confusing with all the settings and features they offer. If you stick to the basics settings you will be fine. Our main sprinkler timer controller problems are in the running settings. Our customers call us with high water bill issues. The first place we look are the settings in the controller, and 80% of the time we find extra running times causing the sprinkler timer controller to activate multiple times increasing your bill 3 times the normal cost. Make sure you have your sprinkler timer controller set up correctly.  

Sprinkler Leaks

Sprinkler leaks develop over time naturally with wear and tear along with other contributing factors such improperly installed sprinklers, and heavy lawn mowers running over them. It only takes one sprinkler leak to knock down your entire zone. In order for the other sprinklers in the zone to pop up, the pop up sprinklers must receive the appropriate water pressure. You can find out if you have a sprinkler leak by running your zone and walking the property searching for standing water. Once you locate the standing water, more than likely you have found your leak. Please see this video blog for more information on how to install a sprinkler correctly. 

 Sprinkler Head Nozzles Clogged


Your  water quality determines how often your nozzles will clog up. Clogged nozzles are common problems that can cause dry spots in your lawn. Dirt, debris, and sand will eventually find it way into your sprinklers.  The best solution is to clean them out, or replace them entirely. Afterwards install a manifold filter valve to filter out anything what will cause your nozzles to clog up. ACS Irrigation has a common practice to install manifold filters on a regular basis, give us a call to find out more.

Sprinkler Irrigation Pipe Leaks

Sprinkler irrigation pipe leaks are very common too. There are many things that can cause pipe leaks. Digging, landscape work, poor repairs, and tree roots breaking underground sprinkler irrigation piping. The reason pipe leaks cause the sprinkler system to fail is due to the loss of pressure the same as the sprinkler leak. The pipe leak is more severe. Pipe leaks can control multiple zones and are hidden underground it takes time to find them. All you need to do is keep the lawn sprinkler system running for about 15 minutes and walk the property until you notice standing water. If you find standing water, you have just found your pipe leak. Repair the pipe leak, and you will get your sprinkler system running again.

Sprinkler Valves Leaking or Malfunctioning

Irrigation valves are the heart of the lawn sprinkler system. They could cause many problems, low pressure, constant water flow small leaks, and can even shut down your water supply. always make sure they are performing at 100%

Backflow Preventer Main Line Leaks

The backflow if this is what you have installed. What I mean about this is sometimes people do not follow city code ordinance. The backflow preventer does not allow contaminants going into your domestic water therefore it is required by the city. You will see two pipes sticking above ground with a metal galvanized unit mounted on it. This is your backflow. Hitting it with the mower, weed eater, or poor installation will cause it to fail resulting in a sprinkler system repair. This type of repair is more obvious because none of your zones will run. See our video for more information.

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Sprinkler repairs are your most common repairs. However it takes a certain type of technique to avoid ongoing sprinkler leaks We have your solutions to lower cost with our 100% warranty guarantee. Our sprinklers are installed in flex swing pipes. This allows heavy duty mowers to drive over the sprinklers without breaking the sprinkler couplings, reducing problems significantly. Next we determine if we can reduce sprinklers on your zones and still achieve the same coverage. Reducing sprinklers in a zone lowers cost because you have less sprinklers to repair. Common sense reasoning – amazing benefits – Make the best choice now in !

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Complete Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Repairs; 

Ride Out  FL Hot Days With Ease

 Gets hot in the summer, the temperatures rise scorching up your lawn plants or vegetation. It’s vital that you catch this before an expense ads up.

At ACS Irrigation, we offer all irrigation sprinkler repairs you need to keep your lawn alive, avoiding replacing plants or turf:

Remove Sprinklers – Increase Coverage & Pressure To Lower Cost!

Don’t hire your lawn guy! Repairing irrigation takes experience to ensure less problems. We utilize  proven techniques that increase pressure and coverage while in the same time remove sprinklers. Convert your pop ups to sprinklers where needed. Many proven  suggestions. Find out more….