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The ACS Companies is committed to protecting the privacy of our users’ personal information. To better protect your privacy, we have instituted the security and privacy practices outlined in this policy. We provide this notice explaining our information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is used. Our privacy policy contains the following information:

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I had service done on my irrigation system. Since the repair, a section continues to run beyond the scheduled time. I initially received services on my property on 8/27/18. I had one sprinkler head replaced along with a valve replacement and some other minor sprinkler repairs. I noticed later that day that one of the sections was still running at 5:00PM. Not only is this not a scheduled watering day but the sections are scheduled to run at 5:00AM and for 15 minute increments. This would time the irrigation cycle to end at about 7:00AM if 7 sections are scheduled to run. I called ACS that day and someone came on on 8/28/18 and stated that the reason for this was because of there two scheduled watering times. Although this made no sense to me due to the information I just provided about the scheduled watering times, I trusted the service man's expertise and made no fuss of it. The service man changed the scheduling time to 1 time per day and disabled two sections stating that there are no sprinklers in those sections. Then on 9/2/18. I noticed the same issue, with the same section. This sections was running for over an hour although it was scheduled to run only for 15 minutes. The only way to stop this was to turn off the main water supply to the irrigation system. I called ACS again and scheduled someone to come out. Later that day I postponed the service call due to wanting to see if the issue would continue during the next service day. Today, 9/23/18 I noticed the same issue with the same section. I called ACS today and described the issue I was having again. The person I spoke with stated that what ever is going wrong is not something they did and must be a scheduling issue. This seems impossible to me because I did not have this issue prior to having my property serviced.
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace
14:16 23 Sep 18
Acs took the time to work on a better price that I felt was very reasonable. Great customer service and they also offer a new customer discount. The repairmen that came out were very kind and took the time to do the job right. 1 year warranty as well, I'll make sure to use them and recommend them to anyone in the future!
15:30 23 Jul 18
After buying a home, I reached out to ACS for an appointment the next day. I was surprised when they contacted me the same day and inquired if they could visit a few hours later. When the tech arrived, he did an overall inspection of the system and was nice. One thing that shocked me was the new policy, that if you pay by credit card it was an extra $10. Fee. This was not disclosed when making the appointment, texting with the tech or prior to, or during the inspection. After sharing my feedback the next day with Bernie, he made positives steps to work on rebuilding my trust and to retain me as a client. While my visit was not as transparent regarding the upfront cost of the inspection or the additional fee for using a credit card, as with the two other larger company’s that came out. The price was a little higher compared to the other company’s for the repairs but, I am told this is a small family owned business and I am happy to support a local company.
Daniel Denham
Daniel Denham
03:37 16 Aug 18
I called 2 places and left an emergency message for both. Called each of them twice. They never even called back. I called ACS Irrigation, they answered and were out within an hour. I did not need to be home. They did an excellent job at a fair price
Chris Bush
Chris Bush
23:32 24 Aug 18
My first impression/review of this company was a 1 star, however Bernie rectified the situation immediately and was out the next morning to complete the job. His communication was great and he preformed professionally. Because of his actions I will be using them again in the future for my irrigation needs. Thank you Bernie.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy
15:00 31 Jul 18

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.Acs took the time to work on a better price that I felt was very reasonable. Great customer service and they also offer a new customer discount. The repairmen that came out were very kind and took the time to do the job right. 1 year warranty as well, I'll make sure to use them and recommend them to anyone in the future!


They were professional and on time. Cost is very reasonable. I’m very satisfied with the work ACS did for me


Did a great job fixing my irrigation system. Very knowledgeable people that explained everything the needs to be done and made sure to clean after they were done. I highly recommend this company to everyone.


Talked with customer service and they were very helpful. They were able to repair the issue very quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend them on any of your irrigation needs



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Clogged nozzles are common problems that can cause dry spots in your lawn. Dirt, debri, and sand will clog up nozzles over time. The best solution is to clean them out, or replace them entirely. Afterwards install a filter at the valves to reduce sprinkler nozzle from clogging up again.

Damaged Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers have a great function to deliver water at any degree angle with long range water coverage. Rotary sprinkler fail when they are no longer rotating. The rotary sprinkler must be raplced immediately before the dry spot develope.

Sprinkler Valve Leaks

Irrigation valves are the heart of the lawn sprinkler system. They could cause many problems, low pressure, constant water flow small leaks, and can even shut down your water supply. We always make sure they are performing at 100%

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