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About ACS-Irrigation® Plumbing Sprinkler Services

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Equipped with only the top quality tools in the service industry, ACS-Irrigation® is dedicated to providing expert services in central Florida and beyond. With decades of extensive experience accomplishing hundreds of thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, our team can confidently get the job done right every time.

What to expect from ACS-Irrigation®?

As Florida’s #1 service care company, ACS-Irrigation® is known for great expert services with remarkable customer services. And now, we’re kicking it up a notch by expanding our expertise to central Florida closer to your area. Our ongoing maintenance services our warranted sprinkler repair service will help you reduce cost, conserve water and keep your lawn looking awesome all year round.

  1. First and foremost we will identify your immediate problem. You contacted us for that reason, but on top of that we will make recommendations that will eliminate further lawn sprinkler future problems, bypassing the problem, or modifying the system to avoid this from happening again if possible.
  2. Once your immediate repair problem has been identified we will give you repair options with an upfront cost, no obligation to move forward everything transparent.
  3. Our standard protocol is to go through your lawn sprinkler system after your immediate system problem has been fixed. The lawn sprinkler system evaluation is at no extra cost this is part of the service call. Our technicians will go through the entire lawn sprinkler system checking off their list as they inspect every vital component of the lawn sprinkler system.
  4. We always find other money consuming problems, pop up and rotary leaks, lawn sprinkler valves not closing up all the way, lawn sprinkler controller misadjusted with multiple start up times, to many sprinkler on one zone over spending on water, the list keeps going….
  5. It’s vitally important that you get a trained technician with an effective lawn sprinkler system checklist to ensure everything is being considered during the evaluation.
  6. Ultimately with our lawn sprinkler system evaluation you will get everything inspected. Sprinkler heads, valves leaks, timer errors, drip line leaks, backflow repairs. All major brands are serviced Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit, and Weathermatic. Make the best choice  

ACS Irrigation is a customer centered company providing quality and competitive fees. We have offices in central Florida Tampa, Lakeland, and expanding to Pinellas county. We specialize in lawn sprinkler installations, maintenance and repairs. We have been in business since 1984. We offer reasonable prices for expert services, installing hundreds of lawn sprinkler systems.

We give you options to make the best cost effective choice! If you haven’t had your sprinkler system checked in the last 2 years, chances are it’s not working at its full potential. We repair all Sprinkler Systems and we offer Maintenance Programs for any Sprinkler System. Make your best choice today to receive the commercial quality service you need –  (813) 575-2271

ACS Irrigation noticed a need for a sprinkler company with fast service, knowledgeable technicians, and superior customer service that was lacking in the contractor industry. Since then, we have become one of the largest sprinkler company in the Central Florida, offering our customers full-service irrigation installation, repairs, maintenance and system upgrades.

We install professional-grade sprinkler and drip systems, and uses high-quality parts so that you can ensure your irrigation project is completed the right way and is built to last. Irrigation system repairs and upgrades are done up to city code, and are completed with high-quality materials that are warranted.

We provide professional sprinkler repair and irrigation maintenance services for commercial and residential properties. Our staff knows exactly what it takes to maintain and repair irrigation systems efficiently. We take pride in producing systems that last and stay within your budget! We make sure we have the safest and most effective methods in sprinkler and valve repairs.Whether you need a tune up or a shut off valve installation, our experienced professionals are committed to delivering quality service you deserve. ACS Irrigation will help you install an irrigation system for your property. Our professionals have years of experience in planning and coordinating sprinklers to be cost effective and perfectly suited to your landscape. An irrigation system can help you put away the hose and spend more time enjoying your yard. Having a beautiful property doesn’t mean you should spend all your time maintaining it!

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