ACS Lawn Sprinkler Controller Repairs

When is it time to replace your lawn sprinkler controller?

Lawn sprinkler controllers can go bad at any time and many factors have to be considered when replacing your controller. Maintenance is always required if you wish to have a proper functioning sprinkler system. Controllers can be tricky but when you know what to look for it makes it a lot easier. There are analogs and digital sprinkler controllers, so it varies on when to replace the control.

Here are a few things to look for in a faulty controller.

Sometimes they get old, and wear and tear causes it to malfunction. The buttons can stick and that makes it difficult to program your commands. When the system deviates from the commands given to it is also an indicator to get a new device.

After years of use the controller may begin to rust, this happens mostly with the analog remotes, which means it is time for a new controller.

Corrosion is common in both kinds of controllers, so maintenance is required. The screen can also begin to fade or dull out and makes it hard to see the commands. Screens flashing on and off or going blank are also a red flag, which means it is time for a new controller as well.

It is important to follow the system manual and consult a professional when needed. Here at ACS Irrigation we are educated in both analog remotes and digital systems. We guarantee a professional job and will provide you with the best remote for your lawn sprinkler system.

Lawn Sprinkler Controller

May this information help you pinpoint your controller’s malfunctions and help you decide when is the best time to replace your lawn sprinkler system controller. The best of luck and if you have any questions or wish to hire a professional, feel free to contact us here at ACS Irrigation (813) 575-2271