Ever thought of drilling a well?


It’s not enough to want to drill a well, that is only the end result. What you should be concerned about is the process. Are you quite aware of what it would take you? Do you have an idea of the cost? These are the questions that you should be asking. This is the process that will lead to the end result that you seek.


In this piece, we will be delving into the processes involved and what the average cost will be like:



The first step in drilling a well in Florida is to get a permit that allows you drill. It is also important that the drilling contractor you are subletting the job to also has the required permit and certification. All of these makes it easy to begin drilling. and it places much importance on why you should use a reputable contractor for your drilling.

Before drilling a well, a reputable well drilling company like ACS Irrigation will usually take a geo-physical survey of the site to be drilled. This is to ascertain the parent rock materials that will be drilled through. It is only after this is ascertained that the drilling itself can then get underway. In some cases, the siting of the well may be shifted to avoid running into snags like impervious rocks or some locations with a low water profile.



Once the chosen site has been approved, drilling can start. Depending on the soil type and depth of the well, drilling may differ from one location to another. This is where the base price also begins to differ. On the average, the well should be at least a hundred feet deep. The deeper the well, the higher the probability that it will last a long while. If the well is shallow, it will dry up in drought. If that happens, you may have to have the well drilled even further. It is better you drill just once and put paid to it.


Post drilling

Once the drilling Is over, it then comes down to installation of the well casing, the wall cap and  the water pump. Here, your choice of installation will directly affect the cost incurred. The well casing will protect the well and prevent loose soil from getting into the well. This keeps the soil water clean and allows it to be used. The well cap allows the well to be locked, keeping children and pets safe within the vicinity. The pump brings the water to the surface and takes it to a tank from where it is disbursed to the house.



Each step in the well drilling process Is charged differently and the drilling itself is charged per feet drilled. You can get a quote today online if you are considering drilling your well. Our cost at ACS Irrigation is flexible and you will find the pricing competitive while we offer the best of services to you.


Let’s get your well drilling underway today.