Beyond every aorta of doubt, flow meter sensors have been implemented by many golf courses and large public parks to help reduce water waste. As the rise in water bill is becoming alarming, people are sourcing for ways and method that will help reduce water wastage on their part. Hence the arrival of flow meter sensors. These flow meter sensors are of affordable prices, allowing everyone the opportunity to afford them.

A Flow-meter is a device used to measure the quantity and the rate at which gas or liquid moves through a passage (pipe). Flow meters can measure the amount that passes through a pipe at a particular time, and can also measure the amount of total liquid or gas that passes through a flow meter. It can be called different name like a flow gauge, flow indicator, etc., depending on the name any industry decides to give theirs, and they still all perform the same function which is to measure the flow of liquid or gas. Flow meters comprises of three important parts; the primary device, a transducer, and a transmitter. The fluid makes its way through the primary device, the transducer acts as the sensor which senses the fluid, and it sends a signal to the transmitter which counts it as a flow signal.


Most of the irrigation systems we have nowadays are totally automated, with the help of automatic sprinklers. With this, you would still have to make adjustments to settings on the desired amount of water that you want and to also ensure that there is proper functioning of the system. When you can’t measure or keep tabs on the use of water by your sprinkler, it keeps running every time causing a big problem. This leads to the death of the plant due to them being over-watered, and damaged or busted pipes won’t be noticed for days. With the introduction of flow sensors to your irrigation system, you would be able to monitor the output of water at all time. Likewise, problems like damaged or busted pipes would be quickly noticed in the measurement. With this, controlling the amount of water received by the plant will be made very easy, making sure there is an effective use of water.


A flow meter simply works by measuring the quantity of water that moves through a pipeline. When you have this installed into your irrigation system, they help in numerous ways. The first is to save cost on water usage. When you can measure the amount of water to be used at a particular time, it helps save the cost of the water bill. Which means you won’t have to keep your sprinkler running all day long. Like I said earlier, damages on pipes would be immediately noticed. This helps save your water from wasting which at the end would incur extra cost on your water bill. Not only that, the plants are saved from death due to over-watering. This would help you keep your lawn green and beautiful. It also alerts of any mechanical issue before it causes more damage or becomes worse.