Shopping online can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure exactly what you need. Buying sprinklers online is truly tasking. But you don’t have to fret. Finding the best type of sprinkler that would suit your every need has never been simpler. You do not need qualifications on all things irrigation to find the sprinkler of your dreams – that is what we are here for, and we’ve you covered.


There is always that “what kind of” question that we all ask ourselves when trying to buy things. What kind of sprinkler would I need at home? We are here to help you find out the best type of sprinkler for you based on our experiences dealing with several type of sprinkler services. We believe that at the end of this article, when it’s time to choose, we assure you that you would make no mistake, no matter the sprinkler you pick.


What type of sprinkler stand should I buy?


Sprinkler stands are of utmost importance. They are what make sprinklers stand tall and proud. We categorize the sprinklers we make available for residential purposes into three main categories.


Wheeled sprinkler cart

The wheeled sprinkler cart is a fan favorite. The wheeled sprinkler cart is a flexible and durable unit. Equipped with wheels that make it mobile, it is an excellent option large lawns, gardens, farms, and sporting fields. It is so versatile that you can move it to areas that require more water.


Tripod sprinkler

Most farmers and gardeners use this. If you have a farm or garden, and you have raised beds where you plant shrubs, vegetables, and flowers, then this is a great option. The tripod sprinkler has an adjustable height that makes you able to water from a particular height. Farmers and gardeners take advantage of the extra height to water their plants from above, getting water in all the required areas.


Heavy-duty sled base sprinkler

Do not let the name fool you. Designed with the flow rate and water pressure of the spigots normally found in houses in mind, here is a sprinkler for the books. It has the smallest footprint, making it relatively easier to store due to its compact nature. It is an excellent addition to homes with smaller lawns and gardens.


Types of sprinkler heads available

Here are different types of commercial-grade sprinkler heads available.


Rotor sprinkler head

Rotor sprinkler heads, also called gear drive sprinklers are sprinkler heads with internal gears as their working mechanism. The main reason for using gears is to give smoother flow and even water distribution across the areas where you need to sprinkle.

The wind is a reason that affects the spray patterns of sprinklers. Gear-driven sprinkler heads are less effective across windy conditions, but otherwise, they are a great asset in every home.


Impact sprinkler head

The impact sprinkler head is a common household item. The water that flows through the impact sprinkler head bounces an arm off the mainstream, turning the sprinkler head. Impact sprinkler heads are more effective in windy conditions, so that is a plus to their résumé.


Which nozzle size should I use?

When you buy any sprinkler head, the nozzles attached are for you to select, which would give the highest efficiency level when combined with your home’s spigot. Whichever you pick is totally up to you.


In summary, buying a quality sprinkler is as cumbersome as it gets. Every irrigation situation needs a sprinkler that is best suited to tackle it. With the knowledge we have given, it is relatively simple to choose which would yield proper results. At ACS irrigation, we offer various sprinklers services, from repairs to installation. We’ve got you covered. We promise to meet your expectations and more.