Water is life but contaminated water is not. You will agree that there is at least a moderate level of contamination in most tap and well water which is usually caused by industrial and environmental pollution. These contaminants range from naturally occurring minerals to chemicals produced and used by man as well as byproducts.

If you take your health very seriously, then this must be a concern but not one to worry about as long as you know value of water treatment.

At ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation we offer an unequalled service to ensure that your water is safe for drinking and general use. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the water treatment processes and biological treatment to improve water purification.

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Water Filtration System Installations

A good solid repair can last year’s vs a low-quality repair that may only last a couple weeks or days. Make it years with ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation

  • Removal of Contaminants – We remove contaminants that make your water unsafe. Such contaminants include Iron, sulfur, rust, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), excess chlorine odor, manganese, and arsenic.

  • Whole House Filtration – We offer whole house water filtration to remove contaminants that contribute to water quality problem such as iron, manganese, acid water conditions.

  • Chlorination – There are pathogens in untreated water that may cause diseases in humans. These Pathogens cannot be seen with the ordinary eye and can be transmitted through distribution systems of drinking water, thereby causing waterborne disease when consumed. 

  • Activated Carbon – By this we mean the absorption of natural organic compounds, odor, chemicals and tastes in drinking water through chemical and physical processes. 

  • Reverse Osmosis – Reverse Osmosis is one of the purification technologies which we employ to purify water. It produces one of the purest form of water available. 

  • UV Protection – We use ultraviolet water purification to eliminate bacteria in water. In this method, instead of chemicals, UV rays are used to penetrate harmful pathogens in water. It is very effective in destroying illness-causing microorganisms.

  • Ozonation – Ozonation is an excellent method of water treatment which is widely in use because of the quality of result it yields. Ozonation is used for the removal of organic and inorganic matter, micro-pollutants, such as pesticides. It is also effective in the elimination of taste and Odor. 

  • Repair And Maintenance – We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all kinds of water treatment equipment such as leakage from water tanks, reservoirs or concrete water storage. Such problems are sometimes caused by lack of frequent and effective maintenance hence, we are always available to keep your water treatment equipment in good working condition.

  • Sand Filtration – Our equipment filters the water, removing even the smallest particle such as sand, dirt, sludge and other solids.


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ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation

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According to records retrieved by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is shown that at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces. Diarrhoea is also said to be the cause of over 842, 000 deaths each year as a result of unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. Don’t wait until you have spent another huge sum of money on hospital bills to find solution.

At ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation, we offer the best service in water treatment and purification. We have an outstanding record of providing water softening and purification systems. Therefore, we can guarantee that your water will be safe for drinking and free of odour, taste and other contaminants.

We utilize all of the most effective methods as well as modern facilities used for water treatment or purification so that you enjoy clean, odorless and purified water free of Contaminants. You health is wealth therefore, we implore  you to invest in good service like ours to enjoy good health.

What to expect from ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation?

ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation offers an unrivaled service. We have the best professionals in the filed with the technical know-how to provide solutions to problems whatsoever as regarding your water problems. We extensively focus on water treatment and biological treatment through the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide.


Our customer service is very excellent, hence, customers can be rest assured that their needs will be met at the right time and answers will be provided to their questions. We do not take too long to be your location when our services are needed. Your satisfaction remains our priority at all times.


Aside installation of filtration systems, we also repair faulty ones. Knowing that the system especially the primary object that filters the water has limited lifecycle, maintenance is a must and should be done frequently. That is why we take it upon ourselves to properly maintain the equipment.


We have a reputation for offering a service that is second to none but we set ourselves apart by providing these services at a cheap and affordable price. We stand on a policy that says, “Good services don’t have to be extremely expensive”. We want both old and new customers to enjoy our service, then, we let the quality of our job speak for us.


We ensure that at the end of our work, your water will taste better, and all contaminants, such as, rust, lead, Mercury and sulfur would have been removed.

    Common Water Treatment Problem?
    1. Inexperience

    Water treatment comes with its challenges because many people know about it but only a few know how to go about safe treating water. It is advisable to contact professional like us to handle your water treatment, equipment installation, repairs and maintenance to enable you enjoy good water.

    In our company, staff continually undergo rigorous trainings to carry out the complex stages involved in water treatment. You can never go wrong relying on our professional guidance in water treatment.

    1. Hard Water

    Hard water is a common problem and the reasons you can’t undermine the importance of efficient water treatment services like ours. Magnesium and calcium deposit in water cause it to be hard. Hard water does not allow soap to lather properly and it clogs water pipes. To solve this, we offer a wide range of solutions ranging from water filters, chemical and mechanical water softeners equipment. We have modern high quality equipment that can handle all your water treatment problems to give odorless, pollutant and contaminants free water.

    1. Hydrogen Sulfide

    This is easily detected when water begins to smell like rotten egg. Once this is detected, it is advisable to start water treatment immediately. While it is said to have no harmful effect, it is definitely not comfortable to perceive the awful smell. This problem cannot be outrightly solved using filters. Usually, activated  carbon works but not for high levels of hydrogen sulfide. We can recommend and install a whole-house treatment system that is cost effective and will permanently make your water odor free. 

    1. Maintenance problems

    Installation of water treatment equipment without regular maintenance can make it go bad in a very short time. More importantly, the maintenance should be done by professionals because this is quite different from fixing a faucet. Sometimes, the entire system has to be totally cleansed or parts may have to be changed, therefore, capable hands must be contacted to do the job. At ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation, we are certified and experienced to prefer the best solution to your water treatment problems.

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    They were professional and on time. Cost is very reasonable. I’m very satisfied with the work ACS did for me


    Aquasana  10-Year Whole House Water Filter – Best to Buy in 2019

    This is a filter, pre and post filters, a salt-free softener, and a UV chamber coming in one complete, well-rounded system to solve every single possible problem with your water. To top that off, the company offers a 10-year-limited-warranty.

    This Aquasana EQ-1000 simply has all the reasons to be the best whole house filter to buy in 2019.

    Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House 3-Stage Water Filter – Best For Well Water

    While mostly free of chlorine, well water is usually rich in iron. In most wells, the iron concentration is typically between 0.5 and 10 milligrams per liter.

    In terms of health, iron in water is not likely to pose as a direct risk. However, the presence of it can attract some iron loving bacteria, and those bacteria are the ones that cause problems.

    Plus, iron-loaded water has an unpleasant metallic taste and smell. There only needs to be 0.3 milligram of it per liter for us humans to detect it, so if you’re finding yourself not loving the taste of water in your home, it’s probably the metal.

    It’s also a substance that loves leaving rust residues in the pipe and stains in your sink and ceramic dishes.

    In short, you don’t want too much iron in your water.

    Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter – Best For Tap Water

    Looking for a whole house filtration system to get rid of the annoying odor of chlorine or chloramine in the water?

    Look no further than the Home Master HMF2SMGCC.

    Certified material to filter out both chlorine and chloramine

    The filtration system is simple, as it should be. It’s made up of 2 filtration cartridges.

    One is the multi-gradient depth sediment filter, which can remove sediments as small as 1 micron (a fifth the size of the human red blood cell).

    The other cartridge has 3 pounds of KDF85 granular activated catalytic carbon in it. This material has the ability to remove 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

    Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System – Best Inline Filtration System

    5-micron filter

    Simplicity in design doesn’t mean inferiority in function.

    The Aqua-Pure comes with a filter that removes dirt, dust, and sediments as small as 5 microns across. After water travels through layers of sediment filter, it will be processed with a carbon filter, where chlorine, together with any funky materials, are removed.

    Under most conditions, the Aqua-Pure can last 100,000 gallons, or one whole year of use, whichever comes first. You can also tell by the water pressure – if it slows down a lot after a while then you know it’s time. To increase the filter life, it is recommended to install some sort of coarse pre-filter to catch bigger sediments so they won’t clog the mini pores on this filter.

    DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House – Best Budget Whole House Filter

    A universal filter

    With a 10 micron carbon wrapped filter, the WFPF13003B can make a complete filter for the whole house by itself, especially if it’s municipal water you’re dealing with. This single cartridge would be more than sufficient to make the water clean and clear for shower, dish and clothes washing, as well as other non-digestive uses.

    Install a countertop filter, or an RO system under the sink, or any other kind of water filter at the point of use for drinking water, and you should be good.

    But if you want bottled water quality right at the point of entry, the WFPF13003B is compatible with many different filters with 3/4 inch inlets and outlets. You’ll have no problem adding coarser and finer PP and carbon filters before or after it for an upgrade in water purity. It goes just as well with other DuPont filters as it does with any standard filter from other brands – you gotta appreciate the versatility!

    Whole House Water Filtration Installation – Great Tasting Water For Your Family

    We ensure our water filtration system will deliver the highest quality water filtered with great tasting results.

    In the same token we offer affordable quality systems that last for many years to come.

    Here are some great home water filter system options;

    1. Big Berkey Water Filter 2.5 Gallon System – Best Countertop Filter
    2. Home Master Artesian Reverse Osmosis – Best Under-Sink Filter
    3. Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Filter – Best Faucet Filter
    4. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC – Best  Whole House for Well Water
    5. Home Master TMHP Hydro Perfection – Best Under sink for Well Water
    6. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain – Best Softener for Hard Water

    If you done know where to start call us at (813) 575-2271 for free guidance

    Electric Motor Water Pump Repair

    The electric motor water pump is used to pump water into several channels such as tanks, reservoirs or other storage channels. But when the pump becomes faulty especially for an organization, it might not be at a suitable time. Hence, we have very seasoned experts who have the skill to repair your electric motor war pump

    Sales And Purchase

    We have years of experience in water treatment business. You can trust us to handle purchase and supply of your water treatment equipment. We know the right equipment that suits your need. We also offer recommendations for better equipment you might not be aware of. We do this always to give you maximum satisfaction for your money.

    Water Treatment

    Water treatment requires professionalism to execute correctly. Our desire is to provide you with clean water that is void of pollutants, and contaminants. We do this using 100% hygienic equipment and safe techniques.

    24/7 Customer Service

    We ensure that our customers have unrestricted access to us for requests and complaints at any point in time. Our professional staff  are well-trained to handle any type of request at any time.

    Where Your Needs Is First Priority

    At ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation, we esteem our customers and make sure that our customers’ needs are prioritized over anything. Here, you are not just another customer; therefore, we offer you a quality of service that speaks volume. That is why most of our customers always return. We constantly recruit technicians who have the technical know how to handle all water problems to ensure that you enjoy safe water for use any day and time.

    Our customer service staff are always on deck to attend to your needs. Should any problem arise, feel free to call our numbers or fill out our online contact form. You will receive a prompt reply from us immediately.

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    You’ll See The Difference —Literally

    When compared to other organisations, we keep the pace. That is why our customers can rely on us to do a fantastic job. We handle a couple of water treatment issues such as

    1. Leakages caused by faulty valves, O-rings, and gaskets.
    2. Non-functioning multiport valves
    3. Defective control valves
    4. Routine maintenance
    5. filters and membranes replacement for certain types of systems
    6. Water softening
    7. Water filtration
    8. Water testing

    Ride Out  FL Hot Days With Ease

    Gets hot in the summer, the temperatures rise scorching up your lawn plants or vegetation. It’s vital that you catch this before an expense ads up

    At ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation, we offer a wide range of repairs to satisfy the numerous needs of our customers. Below are some of the repairs we handle.

    1. Aerator Basin Bearing Repair –
    2. Welding and Fabricating.
    3. Air blower piping
    4. Clogged Submergible Pump repair
    5. Electric motor repair
    6. Fan replacement.
    7. tank repair

      Don’t risk professional excellence for mediocrity! Enjoy our lower cost now!

      While many people may promise to carry out some of these repairs at amazingly small price doesn’t mean they have the technical know-how. Repairs and maintenance of water treatment systems should be done by an expert. It requires more than just switching the machines on to avoid creating further problems than solving the ones which already exist. ACS-Water Treatment and Filtration Installation can boast of a record of many happy customers who have enjoyed our services.

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