French Drains – Living close to the foot of a hill or in an area prone to heavy rainfall might come with its own challenges. And one of those challenges is the possibility of accumulating excess water in sections of your home. The good news is that installing a French drain can help you solve this problem.


The French drain, also known by many other names including “weeping tile” and “trench drain,” was invented by a man named Henry Flagg in 1859.  It is made by placing a perforated pipe in a trench that has been filled with gravel. With this in place, ground and surface water is channeled away from your home. And you’re about to find out some unique benefits this special drain can offer you.


Easy and Quick to Install

One of the major benefits of installing a French drain is the ease and speed of installation. Unlike many types of drains that might take weeks or months, French drain installation only takes a few days. It is also a simple process that can be done by a professional in no time. So instead of toiling for weeks or months trying to install a drainage, you can switch to the easy and fast way by installing a French drain.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Loss of soil structure and fertile land are some of the severe effects of erosion. If you own a beautiful garden, you sure wouldn’t want erosion to happen. But it might if you don’t have a proper water control system. With a French drain, you’ll be able to divert excess water  and prevent the loss of precious top soil.


The world is switching to offering more eco-friendly products and methods of solving problems. With global warming and climate change, going green is no longer optional – it’s imperative. A French drain gives you the opportunity to do what’s best for the environment, owing to the eco-friendly materials used to build it.

Prevents Damage to Your Foundation

The foundation of a building holds it steady, making it the most vital part of a building. This is why construction workers pay extra close attention during the construction of a foundation. But over time, some factors may affect and weaken a foundation, and one of these is water. Water, even with its many benefits, could be your worst enemy as a homeowner, if not properly controlled. When water seeps into the foundation of your home, it weakens the soil and thus affects the structure over time. This can be prevented by installing a French drain which will help divert water away from your home and prevent the gradual destruction of your home’s foundation.

Improves Air Quality

When rain falls there’s the possibility of water seeping into your foundation or the basement of your home. If this happens, the presence of the water and dirt over time could spur the growth of molds inside your home, making the breathing condition bad. This could lead to several health issues like respiratory problems. So, you might ask: “Where does the French drain come into play?” French drains are made with reliable and durable materials that help prevent water from entering your home. If you’re hoping to retain the high quality of air in your home, then you should definitely consider a French drain.

Without doubt, french drains are one of the most effective and efficient drainage systems you could use to remove excess water away from your home. So, if you think that improper water control is causing problems at your place and you’re looking for a solution, consider using a French drain today.


At ACS, we don’t cut corners we encase the drainage pipe around the drain pipe. It is engineered for long term durability with our 2 year water flow guarantee.