The past decade or so has seen technology infiltrate every sphere of life. From education to transportation and communication, every activity now boasts speeds and efficiency. This in turn has ensured faster service and more profitable means of doing business. How then,can you exploit technology in your farm?

“One way, limited to irrigation is found in monitoring the irrigation system on your farm.”

Yes, it is so possible. Using technology to manage your irrigation system makes the process less stressful. It allows you to have a firmer grip on data that will make your farm a smarter one. You can connect your entire farm using devices and software to aid in farm control and prevent those losses in the first place.

One example is in the previously difficult challenge of tracking irrigation pivots on the farm. Now, with Irrigation Run Time mobile applications, you can monitor the track run-time and determine the pivot cycles. With the software, you can keep record of the history of, and your observations on every single pivot under your control. Also, you can access said records any time you wish, due to the limitless mobility of tablets and smartphones.

What’s more?

The app creates profiles for the individual pivots that logs the activity of the running pivots, the number of active pivots, as well as the expected run time for the pivots. The app is also designed to give the user an alert message when the time estimated for the pivot to operate has passed. Another feature is the ‘Chart Constant’ setting that authorizes the app to use a fixed parameter for the pivots operations.

For each pivot, you can simply select its profile to keep record of its operation data. This includes the expected time for the end of the cycle, just by tapping a few options on your device screen. The light weight of the app is not just in its mobility. You don’t have to install extra hardware to get the system to function since the mobile app does not use a radio or remote monitor for its operation. It works directly with the pivot.

Probably the biggest advantage of the app is that it is available for free and simply requires you to have a smartphone or tablet with an Android or iOS operating system. If you have these, simply search Irrigation Run-Time Monitoring app either using the Google Play Store or the official Apple App Store.

The advent of technology has made everything easier and more flexible. There is no reason why you should not take advantage of this. With the app for monitoring run-time for irrigation pivots, you take a very good step towards becoming the owner of an enviable ‘smart’ farm. Contact us for more details on getting the Irrigation Run-time Monitoring app.