If you have a lawn, the onus lies on you to get the lawn grasses growing optimally. This is where the different lawn sprinkler solutions available comes into play. Choosing to install a lawn sprinkler system is a brilliant move. However, there are things that you have to know before you begin the installation process.

What are the things that you should know before you install a lawn sprinkler system for your lawn?

Choice of sprinkler 

What type of lawn sprinkler system will work best for you? Would it be a manual system, hybrid, or fully automated with timers to control your sprinkling time? With many options available, you may want to decide whether you want one with automated features. Newer, advanced models come with timers and moisture sensors that detect when your lawn needs watering. If you don’t always remember to water your yard and want to make sure it gets done, having an automated system may be a good option.

Water regulations

Water conservation is mandatory in many areas around the United States, and your state is no different. There are different water regulations that you need to stay aware of before installing your sprinkler system. Some cities require that you comply with basic efficiency standards to limit the amount of water wasted. The regulations are to ensure compliance, and you have to abide by them.

What’s underneath the ground? 

While you might look at it as being none of your business, the structure under the ground is considered before choosing the kind of lawn sprinkler system to install. The entire layout of the lawn must be studied, so you do not make your choice and discover cables and pipelines in the process of excavating the path for your lawn sprinkler. This is really important.

Where is your water coming from? 

If you are going to invest in a lawn sprinkler system of any kind, you have to consider where the water that would be sprinkled will come from. It is so basic; no one buys a petrol engine car in a place where there is no petrol for sale. You have to look first for a water source, and if you have one that is quite far from your lawn, you will need professional advice and help to lay your water lines in the right direction to ensure that your sprinkler system gets fed.

Who will rig it up for you? 

Many people like to fix things themselves; DIY is the last resort a lot of time. With your lawn sprinkler systems, however, you are going to need professional help. You will find no better hands than at ACS Irrigation. Given the complexities that might come with the installations, we can happily inform you that though it might overwhelm you, it is familiar territory for the capable hands that we bring.

Like every other thing involved in your choice of a lawn sprinkler system, you have to factor in your lawn itself – what type of system is best for it, given its growth pattern and other parameters. If you do not know how these will affect your choice, you should reach out to us today!