Lawn Sprinkler Wifi Controller Benefits!

Your main concern is just getting the best automatic system that manages itself. With a wifi controller you eliminate the concern along with all the confusion.

Here are some quick benefits when you upgrade to a wifi controller;

  • Wifi controllers manage the water usage based of the weather forecast.
  • Rest assured you will get the latest updates and use the most accurate weather stations considering the controller gets its information directly from the internet.
  • Complete irrigation control directly from the palm of your hand with a smartphone.
  • Wifi controllers integrate with smart home systems Amazon Alexa, Control 4
  • Data driven watering system understanding your watering needs over time.
  • Activate alerts with soil, rain, flow, and wind sensors.

    Get alerts when you notice something wrong with your water flow in your irrigation system.

Here at ACS Irrigation we can get everything setup seamless. Contact your local ACS Irrigation professional today. (813) 575-2271

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