Why installing sprinklers heads correctly extends the life of the sprinklers and system by 90%?

It’s not just only about sprinkler head repair?

Lawn sprinkler systems are installed differently with every lawn irrigation sprinkler contractor. Contractors do their best according to their experience in lawn irrigation sprinkler repair. The more experience and skilled the lawn sprinkler contractor the better the durability and low maintenance your system will turn out. This one thing to consider first with sprinkler repair. If your pattern is not right or to many sprinklers were installed in a zone you need to have it inspected by a professional to lower the maintenance cost. If you find yourself working on your system every three or six months this would be a clear sign you need to have your lawn sprinkler system evaluated by a professional at ACS Irrigation Inc


Hypothetically lets say you did have your sprinkler system properly installed. It was running perfectly with no problems. You rarely had issues with it going down, but suddenly you started to notice more ongoing problems develop. The problem you might think would be normal wear and tear. Perhaps it would be something you never thought. For example your handy man or lawn maintenance guy do their best to their ability with the experience they have in the industry. This contributes to creating more problems with sprinkler repairs when thy don’t know what they are doing. 




How to install sprinkler properly
Flush Sprinkler Repair

Inexperienced sprinkler head repair handy men do the following adding more cost to the sprinkler repair overall cost;

  • Simply add more sprinkler thinking it will increase coverage – it drops pressure, waste more water, floods areas overwatering causing mold
  • Do not repair sprinklers the right way – doing it right extends the life of the sprinkler up to 5 to 10 years, sprinkler repair done incorrectly will break in 1 month
  • Miss out on improving sprinkler patterns by eliminating sprinklers to reduce cost – don’t just repair your sprinkler improve your patter to the landscape
  • Controller programmed incorrectly – adding significant cost to your water bill
  • Pay more in overall sprinkler repair cost trying to maintain redundant sprinklers 
  • Double wiring zones when not needed – reducing pressure and creating dry patches or mold on lawn areas
  • Do not recommend preventive repair measure to avoid service calls – you will be calling your lawn guy or handy man often to get things looked after the failure instead of staying ahead doing the recommended repairs before it happens
  • Inexperienced PVC sprinkler pipe leak repairs loosing on the integrity of the repair

The list goes on because there is so many parts that work together to make the system work. For example – one sprinkler leak repair or damage can disable one zone entirely giving you an impression of a big problem. Remember in order for all the sprinklers to pop up on the zone you must have full 100% pressure to make them spray through the sprinkler nozzles. If one sprinkler has a leak it will not allow the other sprinkler to come up with their required pressure.


Sprinkler Wire Troubleshooting

Handy men or lawn maintenance people will spend so much time trying to work this out. The hassle of them going back and forth wiring the system wrong by double wiring, not securing the wiring correctly, by passing the correct wiring setup will cost more head aches to working with the set up they left you with. Not with a professional sprinkler repair technician expect everything to be looked at possibly getting the wiring problem fixed within minutes a clear sign we know what we are doing. 

Sprinkler Controller Programming

One wrong setting can add cost to your water bill. Some people irrigate their lawns with a well system and don’t worry about water bills, but you are not out of the problem because overwatering areas can cause a cascade of problems plants sickness, mold, water damage. If you don’t know what you are doing make sure to reach out to us to help you over the phone with programming your controller. All lawn sprinkler controller must have rain sensor it pays for itself to keep it always running. 

Sprinkler Leak Repairs – It’s not just about repairing sprinklers

Sprinkler leak repairs is where you have the opportunity to save money. Don’t repair all your sprinklers cap off sprinklers off if you don’t need water in the area or if the landscape has changed. With the right experienced lawn sprinkler repair technician you will not add sprinklers but remove sprinklers to reduce cost to increase pressure with better water delivery where you really need it. It’s just the way it is if you contact the good intentions handy man or your lawn maintenance guy this will never happen. 

Sprinkler Main Line Leaks

The most expensive problems in a lawn sprinkler system are usually main line leaks. Your wasted water can skyrocket if left running. Usually leaks start slow and increase as time passes. When you repair these type of leaks you need to consider the following; 

What caused the fracture, is it better to relocate the line, so it does not happen again, inspect the coupling connections. After the repair make sure to complete mainline water leak test to ensure there is no more fractures. 

When working on sprinkler head repair or lawn sprinkler system consider the following tips on the video? Here is a link of our video explaining a simple sprinkler installation done the right way.

  • Make sure the sprinkler is flush or at list about 1/2 lower in the ground
  • Try not to use Polly nipples Amazon.com : Orbit Irrigation Products 38081 Underground Sprinkler PVC Nipple, Molded Gray, 1/2 x Close - Quantity 50 : Garden & Outdoor
  • Use commercial grade pvc couplings
  • Always use flex pipe to allow movement when mower drives over sprinkler
  • Use primer and commercial grade adhesive to improve integrity of the connection

Our team at ACS Irrigation follows strict system based policies, this way we deliver everything mentioned above to each of our customers. Over the years our team has created an effective checklist that meets all these needs. We don’t champion our selves by following what every one else does, instead we look at the past to discover what was working with sprinkler repair and improve on it to make it better.

Our sprinkler repair evaluation will deliver what you finally need to improve your pattern with fewer sprinklers conserve water, and avoid ongoing service calls. This is what we accomplish with each of our customers at ACS Irrigation Inc.

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