Perhaps you’re one of such persons who live in apartments having lawns, landscapes or other open areas covered with green vegetations, then you’re definitely in need of a sprinkler irrigation system. The system can either be above or below ground level, and adopts the method of applying water to certain areas, in a controlled manner. The device used in this method is the irrigation sprinkler.

Irrigation sprinklers, other times referred to as water sprinklers, are devices used to irrigate (water) lawns, agricultural crops, golf courses, landscapes and other areas. They also help to prevent airborne dust. The water is supplied through networks consisting of pipes, valves and pumps, and is used, not only for agricultural or industrial purposes, but also for residential purposes.

While you could be on the verge of yielding to temptations of buying a spinning sprinkler, rather than investing in a well designed sprinkler irrigation system, the following points might help you take a reconsideration. So… Why the need to install a sprinkler irrigation system in your apartment? Is there more to what you think? Yes, sprinkler systems;

Reduce water use and plant replacement

Drought and certain insects pose great harm and/or damage to the vegetation in your apartment. Some of these vegetation (plants/crops) serve specific purposes (from beautification to consumption etc). When they are not nourished by water, there’ll be a need to replace them almost immediately. Rather than depend on rainfall, which of course isn’t feasible during dry seasons, irrigation sprinkler systems help provide these vegetations with just the right amount of water they need. This way, you already have a great landscape, with vegetations that’ll grow for years.

Also, these sprinkler systems have rain sensors that put off the system on detection of certain amount of water. Others have controls to help monitor the weather condition, soil water etc and thus adjusts the sprinkler when necessary. There’s no need worrying about over watering and other associated conditions.

Saves time

You know the hassle that comes with dragging out a hose and sprinkler each time you need to water the lawn? There’s an end to that. Having a professionally installed home sprinkler system saves you all that time and effort. You don’t even have to be at home all day or each time you need to water certain areas in the apartment. Remember these systems have sensors? (What’s more?) Just enjoy your day or invest that time in some other activity.

Help to maintain healthy landscapes

Like they say, “Your house reflects you”. Be that as it may, your landscape/lawn is an important area in your apartment, and it requires adequate nourishment to keep it lush and beautiful. A sprinkler system is important for this, as it is a very efficient method/form of watering the landscape. It helps to put in the water in exact amounts, at exact spots, even much better than hoses and movable sprinklers.


Well, maybe the initial cost of installing the system is quite high. One thing is certain- the benefits of the system are worth more than you’ll pay. Plus, sprinkler systems come with low maintenance requirements. You not only conserve a significant amount of water, you also maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn/landscape at a low cost.

Just maybe you have one already installed, but is now faulty, and for one reason or the other, you see no need for a repair. (Needless to convince you to schedule for a repair service). Sprinkler systems are probably overrated (You think?) You’ll only know better when you take the huge step to hire professionals in this field.

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