To some people, standing water in their yard isn’t a severe problem. Some believe that after a while, the standing water will evaporate or sink, and as such, it doesn’t pose any serious threat. However, standing pools of water in your yard left unchecked, eventually causes some weighty problems. After a while, the stagnated pool of water begins to breed mosquitoes and other harmful insects. The stagnated water can overwhelm your beautiful plants and flowers, making them unhealthy and an eyesore.


There are multiple ways to fix your yard if you experience frequent standing water. A standard solution is to improve the drainage system in your yard to allow a free flow of water in and around the yard. Sometimes, a sound drainage system might not cut it; it could be as a result of some other technical issue, like a leak. If the problem persists, it is best to involve irrigation experts to help you. ACS Irrigation uses professional and reliable methods to get rid of puddles in your yard. Below we’ll be discussing these useful methods.


Repair Bad Sprinklers

If you notice that your yard always looms with pockets of water even when there is little or no rain; it could be as a result of a lousy sprinkler system. Another mishap is you overwatering your yard. In this scenario, you watered your yard a bit extra, and the soil does not take it all down; this results in standing water.

It is usually also caused by a leak. You can quickly identify this if it happens in a specific area of your yard.

If you’re suspicious or notice that the problem is from a bad sprinkler, you should contact an expert and knowledgeable professional. They will get access to and fix the bad sprinkler, and save your yard from extensive damages and unnecessarily water bills.


Improve Your Drainage System

Your drainage system deserves as much attention as other parts of your yard. If you want a beautiful and healthy-looking yard, prune and mow your yard. Apply fertilizers, pull out weeds, and, most importantly, check and improve your drainage system.

Issues with drainage systems are usually out of your control. Many a time it is because of the slope of your yard; your yard may slope into a spot that collects unwanted water. Soil texture also affects water flow. Sometimes, the soil in your yard is too dense to keep up a smooth flow-through of water. At ACS Irrigation, any form of a drainage problem gets a proper check. Two ways we use to fix these issues are utilizing the French Drain and Catch Basins.


Use a French Drain

A french drain provides a channel for water flow. French drains also called weeping tiles, is a gravel or rock-filled trench that has a perforated pipe to redirect water away from the area. Consider installing a french drain, as it helps to fix water puddle issues in your yard. What’s more? They also are professionally installed to add to the beauty of your yard.


Use Catch Basins

Downspout sometimes causes water puddles in your yard by directing rainwater from your roof to your yard. The catch basin is an excellent fix for this problem. Although a catch basin looks like just a small grate in your yard, it does all the work underneath the surface. If unwanted water gathers at a spot in your yard, a catch basin helps to redirect the water.


Get in Touch With a Professional

If you notice standing water in your yard, it is advisable to contact a professional immediately; a professional skilled in recognizing and fixing sprinkler and drainage problems. Do not call an inexperienced person or company to fix your yard problems. They may end up causing more damage than help. If you want a seamless and expert fix, contact a company knowledgeable about drainage and Sprinkler issues. Contact ACS Irrigation and be rest assured of a satisfying solution to your yard problems.