Are you looking forward to avoiding constant sprinkler system repair


Beyond doubts, the best way to avoid constant sprinkler system repair is to maintain it properly. Just like every machine, repairs cannot be totally ruled out, but with the necessary maintenance appropriately done, you save cost. The same applies to an irrigation system. 


How many times have you reached out for a Tampa Sprinkler Repair expert? 


There are some main tips and guides which will aid you in knowing what to do when your irrigation system is acting up. You don’t need to call for a Tampa Sprinkler Repair expert, as this guide will put you through. No matter the kind of damage, leaking line, faulty sprinkler head, clogged system, etc. carrying out tune-up on your system at least twice a year is advised. It is the best way to ensure that your sprinkler system is in perfect working conditions, and your lawn will stay green all year round. 


So let’s get started with the sprinkler system repair guide.


What are the typical tune-up a sprinkler system needs?


When we talk about tuning up a sprinkler system, we have some common problems that you should be aware of: 


1. Sprinkler heads that are too low

For sprinkler heads that do not pop up high enough above the grass, their spray pattern is uneven. The grass does come in the way of the water, causing some part to get watered and another part left dry. This problem can cause the area around the sprinkler head to be waterlogged, while regions that are far away from the head not touched by the water. What you need to do is to raise the head up. You can do this by replacing the riser under the head to a tall one. 


2. Zone valves that will not switch on or go off

Valve issues are a common issue, especially when the valve is already old. To fix this issue, you need to locate where the valve is in the zone and replace it, and this can be done by removing the old one and replacing it. 


3. Spray heads that are out of place

A spray head out of adjustment ends up spraying areas that should not be sprayed, either too long or short. Adjust the rotor head by following the directions in the manual provided by the brand you are using. 


4. Install a rain sensor to avoid over-watering

You won’t want your irrigation system to be running while there is rain. All you need to is to get a Tampa sprinkler repair expert help you install rain sensors. These sensors are usually installed at the edge of the roof facing the sky. Once installed, the sensor will prevent the system from running during rain or shortly after rain. Also, plants are known to require an inch of water; you can adjust the senor in such a way that it stops the sprinkler from running after an inch of rain. Ensure you test it frequently to be sure that it is working properly. 


5. Adjust the head, so the needed part is watered

Often, areas like streets and the sidewalks receive water from the irrigation system, which is a waste. To adjust this, turn the screw that is above the nozzle. 


6. Malfunctioning timer or controller

If you have a controller that is not responding, it either needs to be replaced, or it’s not getting electricity. Should in case the controller is working but seems to be misbehaving while you are trying to water an area, this can be a wiring problem, or a zone valve needs replacement. You need to look at the wiring or look into replacing the valve if a particular part of the irrigation system seems not to be spraying.  


7. Using the irrigation system after a long time

Most homeowners shut their irrigation system off during the winter. If you are one of them, it is best advised that you run your system to try and flush out insects and debris that might have clogged it. Make sure water is coming out from every flush point you have, and if one seems clogged, remove the dirt and cover it back with the rotor. 


Do you know the most fantastic thing? Most of these tune-up tips can be done by you, yes, you. However, no matter what the tune-up might be, you can always seek professional help concerning your sprinkler system repair

Feel free to reach out to a Tampa Sprinkler Repair experts nearest to you and get your sprinkler system repair adequately tuned with the best practices.