Getting a well pump repair isn’t an herculean task, however, it is important to identify the type of well pump repair that is needed.


Anytime you see your well water pump kick into action, it is because several components are working together to make that simple action possible. When this action is impaired, a well water pump repair service is required to get your well pump back on its feet. Some of these components might not prevent your well pump from starting. Besides, the malfunction will only cause a functional problem. This might escape the not-so-curious eyes.


The well pump pressure switch is an integral part of your well pump. When something goes wrong with it, the delivery of water into your house takes the brunt for it. Why it might not seem like a case to call in a well pump repair service for, it actually is.


When you use your pump over time, it is normal to have the pump pressure switch degrade. How do you know it has gone bad such that you can call in for a well water pump repair? That is exactly what this article will be discussing:


Signs to watch out for when you suspect your well pump pressure switch is bad


There are signs that are ominous when it comes to knowing whether the well pump repair you need is specifically to repair your pressure switch. The moment you notice one or more of these signs, do not hesitate to call in a well water pump repair service agency.


Your water pressure is at or above the cut-out pressure, yet the pump does not turn off

Your pump is designed to pump water, isn’t that a repetition in itself? You need a well pump repair once your pump starts taking in air instead of water due to a malfunction of the well pump pressure switch. Once your pump keeps working below the cut-out pressure, it is basically pumping air and that can cause even bigger problems. Don’t complicate your well water pump repairs, call in an expert once you notice this.


You have low water pressure even though the pump is running

If you have the pump running and it is not cycling and you still find out that your water pressure is low. Something might be wrong with your well pump pressure switch. Don’t jump to conclusions, there are several other reasons that could be responsible for this, including a leak somewhere in your plumbing or irrigation system. You would want to double-check to be sure that there is no other issue. Meanwhile, your best bet is to use the service of a well water pump repair service. Low pressure can be easily discovered from hissing taps and fixtures as well as dribbling water.


Your pump runs, but it cycles on and off repeatedly

This is perhaps the most common symptom with any Well pump repair, pump cycling is never cool. Not only is the electricity bill going to go up, but the water pump will also be overworked and in the end, something else might get damaged. Dealing with the issue at hand can prevent that from happening. When your pressure pump switch is damaged, there are a lot of issues that could arise from it, it is best you deal with the cause and not the symptoms.


To be sure where the problem is coming from, you can do simple troubleshooting. You should turn off the pump and turn it on again to check if the cycling is due to any other issue. If the water pump is still cycling, it is time to check for leaks. Run through the house and check if there is any water pooling from the pumping fixture. That might be the reason for the drop in pressure, a problem clearly less serious than a damaged pressure switch.


It is not advisable that you go beyond this point in your troubleshooting. If you have still gotten to the bottom of the issue, it is time to get help. Once you notice any of these signs, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in a well pump repair agency. We have the best quotes, let’s get your Well water pump fixed up. Click here to contact us.