Having a lush lawn comes with its demands, of which regular watering stands out. To make this possible, you need to depend on a sprinkler system. But here’s the trouble, it is easy to damage your sprinkler with your mower, or as a result of continuous use, parts of the sprinkler get worn out over time. There are obvious signs that it is time for sprinkler head replacement, some of these are frequent leaks, low pressure & having a non-existent or poor spray.

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Before we dive into the steps in this post, it is vital to note that before lifting a finger to begin the procedure, choose the replacements wisely. Ensure that you get the right replacement for the head of the sprinkler as doing otherwise can lead to having an imbalance in the water reach on your lawn. It may also go as far as interfering with the functioning of the nearby-installed sprinklers.


Do you need sprinkler head replacement for your system in Tampa or Lakeland? Here are the steps:

Dig out the head of the damaged sprinkler

Bear in mind that sprinkler heads sit a little below the ground, and with the help of a strong trowel, they are easy to dig out. Around the sprinkler head, dig a 6 inches hole, taking all necessary caution against puncturing the waterline. Then, pack up the soil to prevent contact with open water lines. Ensure the water line is still intact as a leak is usually caused by low-standard plumbing service and not a faulty sprinkler head. If that is the case, then hire professionals to do the fixing.

sprinkler head replacement

Unscrew the sprinkler head from the riser

Unscrewing the sprinkler head from the riser leads to a detachment of the two parts. As you do this, the riser will come off the waterline alongside the sprinkler head; when this happens, separate them meticulously. Take note of the thread-patterns on the riser by firstly removing the sealed tape on the riser. A cracked pattern suggests that you replace the riser, while a fine one only needs you to apply a new seal. Make sure you prevent dirt from making contact with the open water line.

sprinkler head replacement

Fix the sprinkler head replacement

If you had to fix a new riser in the previous step, then a seal tape should now be wrapped around the threads. The next step is to remove any dirt which must have gained entrance into the pipe. You can make use of a flexible garden hose to redirect the water during the process.

sprinkler head replacement

Check if the Sprinkler’s Head works

Check out for any leaks in the new sprinkler system you just installed; examine it closely for about a minute. The aim is to test the level of functionality, and decide whether or not to revisit the process of proceeding to the next stage. Tighten the system if you notice leaks, then test again. Don’t forget to check the height of the sprinkler head to avoid the likelihood of getting damaged by the mower is minimal.

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For visual purposes, here is a link of our video explaining a sprinkler head replacement

  • Make sure the sprinkler is flush or at list about 1/2 lower in the ground
  • Dig out the head of the damaged sprinkler
  • Unscrew the sprinkler head from the riser
  • Fix the sprinkler head replacement
  • Check if the Sprinkler’s Head works

Our team at ACS Irrigation follows strict system based policies, this way we deliver everything mentioned above to each of our customers. Over the years our team has created an effective checklist that meets all these needs. We don’t champion our selves by following what every one else does, instead we look at the past to discover what was working with sprinkler repair and improve on it to make it better.

Our sprinkler repair evaluation will deliver what you finally need to improve your pattern with fewer sprinklers conserve water, and avoid ongoing service calls. This is what we accomplish with each of our customers at ACS Irrigation Inc.

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