There are a couple of things that matter in getting the perfect lawn, one of the most important is the irrigation system that feeds the lawn. Other factors to consider will include the drainage, the vegetation pattern, and even the weather. The perfect lawn helps you get the right curb appeal, one that will be admired by the neighbors and can even translate into a higher sales price for the house.

It is likely you might not be able to control all the conditions, however, you can control your lawn irrigation system. This is exactly why you have to pick one that works for you. The big question is, how do you know that a lawn irrigation system will work for you as the perfect fit?

There are different factors to consider and we will run through the checklist to tick to know the perfect lawn irrigation system for you:

The efficiency of water usage

You might definitely not think so highly of it but the rate of water efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider in picking an irrigation system. It is very important to think about the rate of water usage and how it impacts the environment. If you find a water-efficient system, you should by all means go for it. An automatic lawn sprinkler system is usually best if you are aiming at conserving water.

Budget friendliness

As much as you might not want to splurge on your lawn irrigation system, they would not come cheap too. The beauty is that with the right investment in the lawn irrigation system, you will save more money in the long run. You will be able to cut costs on water bills, your entire lawn will also be lush and green.

Ahead of the pack tech-wise

You do not want to invest in a lawn irrigation system that is rooted ten years in the past. You must embrace technology and the limitless possibilities that come with it. The days are far behind when you have to fiddle with the settings because autumn is gone or winter is approaching. There are now technologically advanced systems that will automatically adjust as they are weather smart. The good part is that you can get a tech-wise irrigation that fits your budget.

After services

One part of the equation that a lot of people skip on is the after services they get when they purchase and install their lawn irrigation system. You have to ask questions about the warranty and after services benefits available to you. Installing your irrigation system is not the end, you will have to maintain it and in case of eventualities, the after services will help you scale the hurdles faster. Maintaining your lawn irrigation system will help prevent breakdown.

Who installs the system for you?

A crucial question that a lot of homeowners don’t pay attention to. A lot of times, it is not the system that is at fault, it is those who install it. Whatever you do, do not install your irrigation system yourself.  This is why you must trust Acris irrigation to get the job done for you. We provide hassle-free experience and expertise in all things irrigation, drainage, and more.