With a repertoire of knowledge that spans for decades, we have continuously offered invaluable information to our customers. Often times, customers  make certain mistakes in the choice of water treatment systems that suit the water problem they intend to solve. Therefore, this article is written to help you make good buying decision that will save you the stress of repairing your water treatment systems too often than necessary or acquiring a system that does not serve the purpose for which it is bought.

Firstly, to be able to tackle this problem, it is important to have a good knowledge of the type of problem and how to solve. Without this knowledge, it is advisable to contact a professional to handle such project.

Carry out a thorough analysis of the well

Firstly, It is good enough that you’ve considered purchasing a water treatment system but most customers do not know the pros and the cons. However, there are water treatment systems of diverse kinds which have different functions, capacity and uses. Hence, a good analysis of the well will determine what kind of system will be efficient enough to yield the desired result.

Learn more about well water system

Having a good grasp of how the system works will help you in making the right choice. It is essential to know the right treatment method for the water problem you intend to tackle. Also, the placement of the equipment affects the performance of the system. 

When pressure tank is to be used, water treatment system should be installed after the pressure tank as failure to do so may lead to damage of the well pump. In addition, shallow wells jet pumps is to be used to create water pressure and it should be placed on top of the ground. This is quite different since most wells use  submersible pumps to pump water from the earth.

If you have a partial or no idea of how the well water system works, it is advisable to seek for professional advice. This is because you need to be sure that the system you are purchasing can perform the task you intend to use it for since you might get all that information in the user manual. Our customer service lines are open and accessible to to you should you need guidance or information of any kind.

Have a good knowledge of the well’s flow rate

Well are of diverse sizes and depth. The same applies to the well and water pumps. Testing the well pump rate will help a great deal because you will be able to determine the right type of water treatment system that is fit for your well along with the given flow rate.

If you select a water treatment system that produces 10 gallons per minute , when the well can only produce 5 gallons per minute, the consequence is that, the water system will fail in a very short time due to low flow rate and inability to backwash

Check water pressure

Water pressure critically affects the efficiency of the water treatment system hence it is important to find out the water pressure of well pump as well as the pressure system. There must be a balance in the pressure because if it is too high it could cause leaks and when it is too low it can distort or reduce the flow of water. Sometimes low pressure can be caused by a broken pressure gauge.

When you ascertain the flow rate of your well pump, you can decide on which water treatment system is suitable to give the right pressure that would make the system work efficiently.

Select a water treatment system that solves the problem

Every water treatment system is important but for now, there is no single water treatment system that performs all the functions you desire. Some can can serve dual functions while other perform just one, however, you will have to look out for the system that solves the problem you wish to eliminate. You must put into consideration the flow rate, the water pressure of the water treatment system too.