Drip irrigation has gradually become one the world’s most valuable innovation as far as irrigation is concerned. This can be attributed to its effiiciency as the system works by dripping water at very low rates of about 2-20 litres/hour on the soil into the plant root.

Despite being a micro-irrigation system, drip irrigation is far efficient in terms of result. In fact, more efficient when compared to surface irrigation or sprinkler irrigation systems. Drip irrigation system works by slowly dripping water into plant roots. The system can be used above the soil or buried below the surface. More importantly, if the system is properly designed, installed and managed, the system conserves water by reducing evaporation thereby maximizing crop yield.


There are lots of benefits you can enjoy from the use of the system. They include;

  • Water enters directly into the root zone
  • Very good for mulched areas
  • Works very well with numerous soil types
  • Reduced level of soil erosion
  • Weed growth reduces around plant
  • Risk of disease is low since foliage remains dry
  • Requires low labor and low operational cos


Drip irrigation, as good as it seems may not work for all types of irrigation purposes. You have to make a proper study to know what type of irrigation system that suits your need. This is enable you enjoy the benefit or you can contact ACS Irrigation for professional advice to avoid wasting your funds on an unproductive venture.


The drip system works very efficiently in arid areas or places where there is water scarcity. Besides, this is because these areas often experience high rate of water loss and a low degree of water use efficiency.


Drip irrigation can be used for greenhouse crops since it is very efficient. Although, an attempt to use overhead sprinklers or hand watering system has the tendency to waste water. Moreover, wet foliage increases risk of diseases for the crops. Meanwhile, drip irrigation ensures that water is directly dropped at the plant root zone thereby controlling the use of water and better protection against diseases.


You will also find drip irrigation very useful in your garden. With this irrigation system, you do not need to drag hoses and sprinklers around. Moreover, if you are a busy gardener, it saves you time and effort.


Crops planted on sloppy areas often times do not enjoy enough water because gravity pulls the water downhill thereby causing water wastage. However, with drip irrigation, water is applied at slow rate which is more likely to soak in before it runs off.

Finally, at ACS irrigation, we boast of years of experience in the installation and maintenance of the various types of irrigation systems and can offer you the best advice depending on the land, location and soil type needed for the installation of the system.