Flow Meter For Lawn Sprinkler System Leak Detection

Benefits Of Flow Meter Sensors On Your Irrigation Controller – Receive emails when your lawn sprinkler detects leaks. Here is how it works. 

With the advancement of digitalization and technology, everything is connected to the online realm now-a-days. Irrigation is one such example where the scientists are trying to integrate the innovation in sensors that can detect the flow of water in the green field and send messages to the owners about the flow in Gallons per minute (GMP). Flow sensors are basically designed to measure the amount of water that is flowing through an irrigation system. This measurement is then transmitted to a flow meter that in return regulates the procedure. The regulation by flow sensors is implemented by alerting the user through an online facility such as an email and other resources that is a unique and modern way of solving the irrigational problems.

The Hunter Hydra wise controllers (consolidated with flow sensors) allow the users to install a Wi-Fi router device that is connected to the flow meters in the irrigation land. The connection enables the users to critically monitor, regulate and report the minor fluctuations in the water flow that can be dealt immediately. There are many benefits that a flow sensor provides to people who want to have a nice outdoor living space. Firstly, they help to regulate and monitor the water flow and immediately can detect any high or low perturbations. The unique advantage of having a flow sensor in you irrigation panel is that they can detect the leakages and report them instantly thus preventing any kind of major water outbreak in the area. Apart from that, they also monitor and calculate total and zone water that helps the users in keeping a check upon their environmental space. The connected software is fully calibrated that permit the sensors to give accurate readings thus overall modulating the irrigation controllers.

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