Somewhere in your cozy apartment, you haven’t just got the right soil. You also seem to have planted just the right vegetation to emit a serene environment. Could it be more pacifying? Well, if only you will take the pain to keep that lawn as green as it should be. Not so much of a pain anyway, it’s called ‘Lawn Maintenance’!

So here you go, having designed such beautiful outdoor space, maintaining a perfect soil and grass is as easy as following these simple steps. In no particular order, your lawn deserves;

Weed removal

Everyone knows how pesky weeds can be. They disallow air and nutrients into grass roots, and are as bad as preventing plant growth. One will begin to wonder how they ever got in, and so easily?

We have the birds and other grass roaming animals to their rescue. Other times, weeds get to your lawn through footwears. You have them in already, rather than bother so much, fight them! In removing weeds, there is the option of hand weeding as well as the use of tools. Better yet, is the technique of spraying less toxic herbicides.

Lawn experts, who render professional lawn maintenance services, not only fight weeds, they also help to take off thatches and mosses- which could build blockages, reduce moisture and even reduce growth of your lawn vegetation.


No lawn survives without air and water. Aeration is just that process that allows some air and water into the lawn, even as far as the roots. And to think that this aids growth, who wouldn’t give in? Aeration is another great maintenance tip for lawns, especially if victimized by drought.

Lawn experts simply dig small holes using certain tools/machines, not neglecting the specific depth and distances suiting your soil and/or grass type.


This should be done frequently especially when those grasses are growing. Yes, weather conditions determine how frequent mowing should be done- less at cold seasons, more at summer.

There is also a rule never to at once, cut off more than one third of the grass length while mowing. You wouldn’t want to cut the grasses too short either. While mowing is just as good a lawn maintenance tip, professional services shouldn’t be ignored.

Feeding and Watering

Sounds funny, but feeding and watering are quite essential in lawn maintenance. The type of feed and even the type of fertilizer to be used on your lawn is hugely dependent on the soil type as well as the current weather condition in your location. Feeds/fertilizer rich in  nitrogen, potash and phosphate are highly nutritious.

Watering your lawn is almost twice as essential else, your lawn will in no time portray several colors other than the expected vegetative green. They get brighter with water and more water, from sprinklers, irrigation systems etc.

Other tips such as better drainage conditions, top dressing etc are very important in maintaining any lawn. So, while the grasses grow through the summer, spring is just another season to visit them with the above techniques. With these, the complaint of a dull, weed populated lawn, is over.

Needless to say it can only be best with the help of a professional! No one beats a professional at rendering his services. And so, the earlier you considered the service of ACS-Irrigation, the easier and perfect the process of your lawn maintenance.