As a home owner with a well water system, it is not out of place to have low pressure in your water pump. From intermittent drop in pressure to an inconsistent flow of water and the numerous headache it can bring with it. It is even so out of place when it seems as though the pump picks the most bizarre of moments to act up. The inconvenience the low-pressure pump can bring with it is just one of the reasons why no house owner wants to ever experience these pressure drops.

The big question is how do you diagnose the problems? How would you even know if you are to call in irrigation experts if you don’t know how to diagnose? It is important that you know the things to watch out for. We will be touching a few of them:

Problems with your well

The low pressure can actually be caused by a problem with your own well. Don’t be surprised, here are a few reasons why your well experiences low pressure in your well pump.

Iron-rich water

If you have a water rich in iron, the continued pumping of water can lead to a build-up in the pipe and over time this will narrow the pipe atrium. The resultant effect of this is that the pressure of water will reduce and this will adversely affect water usage.

Low water profile

We will also attribute this to your type of well. There are some wells that are seasonal in nature and if you use the water table during winter to judge the depth at which you should place your water pump, you might be in for some trouble. During the summer heat, it is normal for the water table to drop rapidly and this means that the pump will not be able to take in any water. This will result in no pressure at all.

A reputable irrigation company like ours would offer consultancy during the early stages of the well dredging and will give you all the information you need. Along with this, you will also get a choice of alternative, should we ascertain that the iron concentration is on the upside.

With a low water profile, the pump might have to be lowered further into the well provided that the water at the level is still clean and usable. The option will only be considered after due checks and deductions.

Problem with your pump

Not all of the low pressure problems stems from your well, it could be as a result of a malfunction in your pump too.


How often do you think your pump work? You most likely think that it works every time you turn on a tap and it stops working when you turn the tap off. If that’s your thought, you are wrong. Your pump works based on pressure. It only comes up when it has to stabilize the pressure again. Short-cycling, a situation in which your pump works ever so often is caused by a drop in pressure and you need to have a professional look it up for you.


Sometimes, the cause of low pressure in your pump can be something as minute as a pump bladder failing. You might not know the component that is faulty. The tell-tale sign is the fact that the water pressure is dropping. When situations like these arises, you don’t need to guess. Allow the professionals do their job.

ACS Irrigation will help you solve the problem in record time. Just reach out today.