With over 15 million American homes with a well water source, the use of a water pump is inevitable. As expected, the irrigation fittings accompanying a home well water also must be maintained. This has given rise to various water pump replacement and repairs services across the country.


Water pumps represent a vital piece of irrigation machinery that converts water well into an irrigation source. Knowing the huge role the water pump plays within the entire irrigation system, it is a necessity to maintain it adequately.


How can you tell that your well pump is getting worse and that it needs a repair or replacement? There are a couple of ways to find out, some ominous signs you can look out for. Here they are:


Low water pressure

While in most cases, low water pressure might not adversely affect you, it can affect your water storage capacity. It is really easy to spot. Low water pressure should be treated holistically. All pipes should be checked as well as pressure tanks. The  pump should be examined too. If there is no issue with the components, the well pump might as well be the issue.


A higher electricity bill

Since your water pump runs on electricity, a bad pump is most likely to make you spend much more on electricity bills than a normal, functioning pump. The logic is pretty simple; if you have not bought any new gadget and you notice a month on month increase in your electricity bill, it is most likely due to one of your component doing overtime. While you might be wondering what is happening, the culprit might just be your water pump.


Dirty water

The moment you start getting colored or dirty water, it is time to have a real look at your pump. One of the fundamental roles of your water pump is to filter out dirt and debris. These unwanted materials can cause issues within the irrigation installation leading to an overall sprinkler system repair. The sand and dirt will also damage the internal components of the pump. When you start getting water that is colored or with speckles of sand and dirt in it, do not hesitate to call in our professionals.


Restarting often

While it is very uncommon for the water pump to stop working abruptly, it can happen in rare cases. What is usually common is to have a faulty water pump that starts ever so often. If your pump stops and starts intermittently, there are only two areas to troubleshoot: the pressure tank or the pump. If the pressure tank is good, then you have only one component to finger. When your water pump cycles too often, your electricity bills will also increase; it is only normal.


 Sputtering taps and faucet

If there is a way to get your attention to the fact that something might be wrong with your water pump, it is from your tap and faucet. It is typical for the taps and faucet to give a hissing sound while allowing water to come through intermittently. When you notice this, you can affirm that air bubbles are getting into the water in an abnormal way. This can be caused by a leak in the system.


The pump stops working altogether

While this is not common, it could happen that your water pump just stops working altogether. This may be due to seasonal changes in water level, so the first thing is to check if the water level is still high enough to be pumped. If you still have water in your well and it is only your well pump that has stopped, you need to call in the professionals to fix it.


At (ACS) irrigation, we have got you covered when it comes to well services and water pump as well as irrigation issues. Check us out and let’s get started.