It’s understandable that you get worried when it comes to hiring an irrigation specialist. It is only natural that you would be curious. Now, choosing to ask questions is not just enough, it is about what question you would also ask. There might be a million questions on your mind, but then what questions would you ask from an irrigation specialist?


This article will x-ray the top questions you should definitely ask from your irrigation specialist:


Are you licensed?

Asking your irrigation expert if they are licensed to operate is a fundamental question. It is a question that you must ask if you intend to stay within the ambit of the law. In several states including Texas, irrigation companies are expected to be licensed before they can operate. To be safe, ask your specialist if he is licensed to operate. Being licensed is also proof that the irrigation specialist is properly trained and understands the environmental rules that guides the operation within the state.


How exactly does your service conserve water?

Water conservation is important. In  light of recent conversations around climate change and global warming, it is important that we all get to conserve our hydro resources. You should definitely ask your irrigation specialist how the services they are rendering will help you conserve your water resources. You can also up the ante by asking for specific product recommendations of products built specifically to ensure quality conservation. From smart controllers to high efficiency heads and rotors, a knowledgeable irrigation specialist will understand the need to consider water conservation and will be able to educate you on your options.


What is your experience like in the industry?

In several professions and line in the industry, experience might not matter. In the irrigation sector, experience is very key. You should look at working with a skilled and experienced irrigation expert that will be able to meet your demands. You should work with an irrigation expert that has no less than five years of experience. The higher the years of experience, the better the work ethics.


Will you put measures in place to run my system at peak efficiency?

There are several irrigation experts that will only fix what you asked them to fix. While there are some others that will do everything to ensure that your irrigation system is in top shape. Some contractors will only fix what is broken ignoring the things that are seemingly ‘unnecessary’. You should work with an irrigation expert that pays attention to your irrigation system as a whole, not just what is broken.


Are you insured?

It is also necessary to ask if your irrigation outfit is fully insured and what exactly the insurance policy will cover. It is better to be safe than sorry. And this is the very policy that you should put to work when it comes to choosing the irrigation outfit you intend to work with. If the insurance covers the materials the irrigation expert works with, it is even safer for you.


What experience do you have with proper watering of my specific landscape?

As no two landscape are exactly the same, it is important to ask if the irrigation expert has any prior experience with your type of landscape. It might be helpful if the expert has worked on a similar landscape or a property within your area. You should use an irrigation outfit that has the required knowledge to get things going without necessarily having to extensively study the landscape for a prolonged period.


While there are countless questions that you can ask your irrigation experts, you really should prioritize the questions above.