There is this very popular saying that goes thus; prevention is better than cure. The smallest sprinkler maintenance practice has its own way of taking care of issues that might arise, avoiding spoilage, keeping your lawn green and healthy, and at the end save cost.

However, not all the sprinkler are of the same types, we have them made to perform each suited tasks and just as it is with other equipment, there are practices that will help ensure that your sprinkler system works more efficiently.  

Common maintenance practices

Conduct testing

How will you know if your system is working properly if you do not test it? It is advised that one should carry out periodic testing to ensure that the sprinkler system is functioning properly. This will let you know if there are any form of leakages or clogging within the system.

Check for leakages and faulty head

Once in a month, check the connected hose and pipe for any form or leakages. Leakages can be noticed when there damped spot on the lawn, or when the lawn gets waterlogged.

Replace faulty sprinkler heads

Check all the sprinkler heads if they are working properly, and remove any clogging materials in case you find any. Avoid tilted heads sprinklers because it causes water to get to one side, making the other side dry. Adjust the head so they water the lawn and not sidewalks or driveways.

Keep the Lawn Mowed

Plant materials causes a clogged sprinkler. To prevent this, keep the lawn mowed below the sprinkler head. High lawn tend to obstruct the head, causing it to either break or clog the sprinkler head.

Fix a rain sensor

Putting up rain sensors are done in order to shut off the sprinkler system when it is raining. But once the moisture level reduces, the sprinkler resumes it job. These sensors are advised to be placed where there are no obstruction, preventing other materials from blocking it.

By conducting these maintenance practices, you can be sure that your sprinkler system is operating effectively. When you invest in periodic maintenance for your sprinkler system, you at the end save cost by reducing the amount that would be spent for further repairs and also maximizing water usage thereby reducing the cost of water bill.