How many things have you heard about an irrigation sprinkler system?

Waking up to the sight of a beautiful and flourishing lawn all year round has a lot more to do with a functional irrigation sprinkler system. It’s more than a total dependence on Mother Nature.

However, in trying to keep up with Her (Mother Nature’s) pace, sprinklers do often break down, just like every other piece of machine. So while a simple malfunctioning can be remedied, a total breakdown might not. This is why ignoring early warning signs and red flags from your irrigation sprinkler system denies you the green landscape of your dreams. These five signs will tell you when to seek help for your sprinklers.

Low Pressure

Have you noticed a decrease in the amount of pressure released by your sprinklers? How about a certain zone(or even just one head) has refused to spew with just as much pressure as it should? Then this could be a sure sign that your irrigation sprinkler needs to be checked. These pipes are susceptible to the shifting ground and tree roots just like plumbing pipes which could be the possible reason. With this, they won’t deliver the right amount of water your lawn needs to stay green.


Dripping Sprinkler Heads

Your sprinkler system needs help when you still notice water dripping from the head even after turning it off. If you observe that an area of your yard is muddy and soaked for no reason, then a pipe leak may be just be the problem. A cracked or broken sprinkler head or pipe can waste liters of water. It can later result in spiked up utility bills which is not healthy for your budget. Preventing this from happening is to gear up and walk cautiously around the yard. Nonetheless, a leaking head is definitely a call for repairs.


Dry Patches

While a drenched spot is relatively easy to detect, dry spots and patches can take a busy homeowner quite a while to spot out. The soil  becomes dry to the touch,and may not appear visibly until days or weeks have gone by. This is as a result of a faulty sprinkler head sputtering performing in a way that is less than a steady rain shower. In fact, it can lead to uneven watering. Your certified irrigation system professionals can help you get on the right track by making the necessary adjustments to your equipment.


Changing Landscaping Needs

New landscaping additions to your pre-existing lawn might be an avenue to repair a faulty sprinkler head. In the course of planning a significant overhaul of your outdoor landscaping (for example, you may want to add a raised bed garden, bushes, trees or a water feature) you could decide that your existing system should be repaired and replaced as well with the latest equipment designed to be very efficient, saving you water and stress the of managing your landscape.


Skyrocketing Water Bills

Have you recently noticed an unreasonable increase in your utility bills? Then your sprinkler system might be to blame. A damaged or malfunctioning systems will always operate terribly thereby wasting water. Often times, replacing the broken or dislodged portions of the system will significantly improve efficiency. But investing in a new system if yours is severely damaged or old would not be a bad idea. The more technology advances, the more modern ways of going green around your yard keep emerging. Investing in a new, water-saving model can save you some good currency.


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