When it comes to irrigation, we need to know the importance of sprinkler. The sprinkler system is not an issue to overlook not only because it is good and easy to use. It is one of the most efficient means of water distribution and we need to know the importance of sprinkler. Besides the sprinkler, nozzles are also very essential but the less it is talked about the more users get frustrated understanding its use, efficiency and usage. These sprinkler nozzles come in different sizes and shapes and work differently based on the choice of the user. This article will expose you to 5 of the best importance of sprinkler nozzles and what it can do.
Listed below is some of the importance of sprinkler nozzles

1. Adjustability

Sprinkler nozzles are made to apply water in specific patterns and distance. Experts say that, “An efficient sprinkler nozzles must be able to reduce or increase water usage, have rain sensors which prevent watering prior to or after the rain, and freeze sensors which stop watering at freezing temperatures.” Based on varying types of sprinklers, some sprinklers are made in such a way that they can be adjusted to specifications based on the preference of the user.

2. Uniform water distribution:

The sprinkler nozzle is made to ensure that water is distributed evenly across the field.  Agronomy Expert, Tanja Folnovic, says, “The greatest challenge in managing crop irrigation is to achieve uniform water application and system’s efficiency while protecting natural resources—soil and water.” Therefore, with the right sprinkler nozzle, you are able to adjust sprinkler to uniformly distribute water across your crops of field.

3. Replaceable:

Having known that nozzles are very important, it is also essential to know that sprinkler nozzles can be replaced especially when they become bad or broken. At times sprinkler nozzle may not pump water at the required pressure, hence, original sprinkler nozzle needs to be used at all times. Click here to for more on sprinkler repairs

4. Regulate water pressure:

Low pressure can affect the sprinkler and impede its ability to irrigate the area.  A well-functioning sprinkler is expected to expend pressure at 30 psi to 50 psi, hence the sprinkler nozzle is specifically made to regulate the flow and pressure. Sprinklers can produce a mist when the pressure is too high and this can lead to water waste. This in turn may increase the cost of repairing the sprinkler system. Experts say that, “High pressure can also increase the wear and tear on your system. Some systems can be fitted with special valves that keep the pressure at an ideal level.”

5. A good sprinkler nozzle lasts long:

Buying quality and efficient sprinkler nozzle will definitely save you cost and expenses because you do not have to replace it every time. The good thing is that is built to last for a long time, however, perhaps it malfunctions replacing it does not require a complex process as other parts of the sprinkler system would.

Why the Appropriate Nozzle is Important for Coverage

The type of nozzle used in your sprinkler system matters a lot because it directly or indirectly affects the growth of crops. The pressure level at which water is expended from the sprinkler nozzle is very important and if it is below 30 Psi, then it might not serve you as much as you want because water will not be distributed uniformly. Also installing the right sprinkler nozzle with check valves can help to eliminate water loss and inappropriate spray pattern – importance of sprinkler.

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