Does everyone knows what a water well pump is? That sounds funny, right?


Of course, everybody knows that!


Beyond doubt, not all homes have direct access to water provided by the government. So what do they do? They resolve to provide for themselves water by building a well. Such set of people will agree with me that the well pump is a vital tool.


A well pump is an appliance that is used in drawing water from your well into your house. You might be thinking, is it not just a well pump? Anyone will work for my home. The truth here is, pumps are of different types, so it would be better for you to know the kind of pump you want to use for your well.


Before deciding on which water well pump to use for irrigation, there are factors you need to consider;

  • The first factor is the kind of pump you want to use. There are three major types of pump; Centrifugal, submersible, and jet pump.
  • Secondly, the depth of the well. The higher the water table, the easier it will be for your home to access water. Wells are into two major types; the deep one and the shallow one. So the kind of well pump you would use depends on how deep your well is. Deep wells use the submersible pumps, while shallow wells make use of the jet pumps.
  • The third factor is the size of your house.
  • And the last is the potential problem that might emanate from these water well pumps. For example, when a submersible pump is damaged, it will require you to bring it all out from the bottom of the well for any repairs.


Now to the three types of well pump that we have;

1.      Jet pump

jet pump

Credit: Alibaba

Jet pumps have two types, the one for a deep well and one for a shallow well. They are usually placed outside the water, close to the well, most times outside the house. This feature alone makes it easy for them to be accessed in case there is any repair. This pump uses a motor to form a suction through a pipe that goes down into the well, and the water moves through the jet. The shallow well jet pump is also known as the single drop pump has its jet assembly and impeller above the ground. While deep well jet pumps also called the double drop pump has its impeller above the ground, and the jet assembly placed inside the well. They are used for wells not deeper than 25 feet.


2.      Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are for wells that go as deep as 110 feet. The installation of this pump is done inside the well itself, with its sophisticated watertight properties that prevent contact between the water and its electrical components. It is best suited for deep well because of its high suction power that makes it able to transport water to longer distances. Unlike the jet pump that is placed above the ground, submersible well pumps are made to push water to the surface, rather than sucking it into the storage tank. Frequent servicing for water pressure is advised.

3.      Centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump

Credit: Alibaba

Centrifugal pumps are best suited for shallow wells that are not more than 25 feet deep. This depth is the range at which it can produce enough suction to suck water to the surface. The centrifugal water well pump relies on a device called the centrifugal water pressure booster pump. This device is what makes it possible for water to reach the surface through centrifugal force by increasing the pressure of the water that will be used in the well by using the impeller device to pressurize the water. To maintain the constant flow of water into homes, most residential homes make use of the centrifugal pump. For this pump, only one pipe is kept inside the borehole and water support. As a result of their small size, they are easy to maintain and also cost less to procure.



So what well pump do you think is right for your home? Before you decide this, you have considered the depth of your well, potential problem that might arise, and the size of your home – which means how much water you use. However, no matter the type of pump you end up buying, what matters is you ensure it is properly installed, frequently serviced, and effectively maintained.


Just like every home appliances, the pump requires maintenance and repairs as a result of the task they perform. And if you feel the pump needs to be replaced, schedule the replacement so you do not have to stay at home without water. Seeking for the best advice on the water well pump that is best suited for your use? Click here!