One vital material in plumbing remains a pipe. They are like the heart of plumbing because they reveal the beauty of plumbing. However, we have different types of pipes such as plastic pipes, stainless steel, brass, PVC, PEX piping, galvanized pipes, cast iron, etc. In fact, there are so many pipes for plumbing, but the question is which one is most suitable for households?

If you are looking at plumbing for your house, you should consider pipes that require low maintenance. Besides, pipes that also have minimal to no tendency of getting rusty, affordable, and at the same time durable. In fact, pipes should also conform to the room setting, even though often enclosed.

Moreover, plumbing is an essential aspect of housing, so either you are hiring a plumber, or taking up the project yourself, you should understand that plumbing pipes, valves, and taps are the methods of conveying liquids or fluids around, through an enclosed counter.

Let’s take a look at the three most ideal pipes for the home, especially newly constructed houses are:


The Cross-linked polyethylene, usually referred to as PEX, is a flexible plastic material pipe that is quite easy to install. Offering high  heat resistance and durability, it has been voted as the best for bathroom and kitchen sinks especially. It can be bent easily(about 90 degrees bendable), and is elastic, being resistant to breakage.  It neither corrodes nor requires technical installations like soldering. The PEX is also cheaper and has less chances of leakages. It is also only used to supply water and can be joint with copper pipe.



Polyvinyl Chloride pipe, always called PVC pipe is another flexible pipe, having a vent linear circle, allowing for glues and adhesives. The PVC pipe abrasion resistant, durable, (can last up to 100 years) and cost effective. It is suitable for even commercial bathrooms, and can be used for both hot and cold water faucets. It’s fittings are usually cut to size, joint with plumbing valves where necessary, and so leakages are almost impossible. If you are seeking a long term piping solution, this is your best bet; and are of course they applicable in all aspects of plumbing. The pipes are flexible and suitable for irrigation purposes too.



One of the oldest pipes for plumbing remains the copper pipe. The tube or pipe could be soft or rigid; the soft copper pipe is bendable, while the rigid pipe isn’t. However, the rigid pipe is more suitable, because it has a higher retainability for heat, abrasion, etc. Being rigid, it requires a hacksaw to be split, and a notable level of plumbing intelligence. It also does not break in particles, making your water safe. Copper pipes are expensive, but easy to recycle. It resists pressure and hot liquids very well, but may eventually corrode. Copper pipes are essential in homes, especially areas like the plumbing machines and refrigerant lines for cooling and heating, and are easily managed. The pipes are measured and sold in lengths, but could be cut into different sizes


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